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    Thanks to the farsightedness of the representatives of the people of Tamilnadu, The Institution was established in a socially, economically and culturally backward District of Tamilnadu. Ever Since the establishment of this Government Institution, we have been striving hard to provide quality education inorder to empower the rural womenfolk. Based on the guidelines issued by the Government of Tamilnadu, we admit and train girl students of this locality to various courses which have high employment potentialities viz., Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Food Science, Commerce etc., Apart from Undergraduate Courses . We conduct Post Graduate and MPhil., courses also with role aim of providing higher education to the rural talented girls who were sofar denied education in the name of caste, creed and sex. Gur motto is to spread knowledge to the farthest place, to the meanest huts and to the simplest women of our motherland.


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